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Incense Burners and Censors

Incense Burners and Censors

A censer or 'censor' is a container in which incense is safely burned.
It can be anything from a ceramic pot or dish to an ornate work of art.

There are certain requirements for the proper censor.

1) It should have a wide opening at the top to allow circulation,

2) it should be made of a fire resistant material and

3) should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

I am offering these very nice terra cotta censors from Taos, New Mexico.
Each censor comes with it’s own special sand-Special collected by LionHeart!

I'm also offering a simple but sturdy brass and wood censor
for your charcoals-Dhoop incense, or Tibetan Incense.

Also beautifully handcrafted burner boxes in plain,
Celtic and Pentacle motifs and simple enlaid wooden burner's.

And Abalone Shells
(please scroll down)!

Many Blessings!
Peace and Love, Love, Love

August 2012

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Terra Cotta Censors
sand sent with each Censor

Terra Cotta Censor-$7.95

Replicas of Mesoamerican incense offering bowls.
These three footed incensaros are hand made and vary in color.
Used for copal and all other resins
(Do not place on flammable surface or leave unattended.)

On the bottom it has the traditional three legs which is traditional for incense burners and bowls.

This type of censor is more flexible and practical
for people starting out burning a variety of incense types and has several advantages.

1. It can be used to hold incense sticks stuck down in the ash of charcoals or in sand.

2. Charcoal can be placed on the ash and slightly covered,
and loose incense or incense wood can be placed to the side or even on top for room scenting.

This is the same process that is used with the more traditional religious censors.

It can also be used for ceremonial burning, or burning incense with herbs and oils.

Perfect for: Dhoop Sticks , or Tibetan Incense.

For instructions on how to use charcoals-Please Visit our Tao of Ritual Tools .

Brass & Wood Censor
Imported from India, this censor can also be used for ceremonial burning,
or burning incense with herbs and oils. incense cones or Tibetan incense.

Please always place sand or earth inside this censor

Brass & Wood Censor-$8.00

Handcrafted Incense Burner Boxes

Celtic Incense Burner Boxes-14"
-Absolutely beautiful-for sticks and cones with a hidden storage compartment.

Wooden Incense Burner Box 12"- Ornately crafted with stand-will burn sticks and cones also a hidden storage compartment.

Pentacle Incense Burner Box-14"-Beautifully crafted-for sticks and cones and has a hidden storage compartment.



Celtic Box-$15.00 $10.00
Ornate Burner Box w/Stand-$12.00 $10.00
Pentacle Box-$15.00 $10.00

Traditional Incense Burners
Imported from India--betcha never seen these before :)

They have beautifully inlaid stars and moons made from bone (camel) and are of a high gloss.
They are also crafted from non-endangered trees.
They are really trippy and wil l last a lifetime IF: you don't use them as a shoe-horn.

And the little brass burners-which you have NEVER seen at yard sales,
are really great if you anchor them with sand, earth, or a little rock.
Wooden Plain-$2.00
Wood Moon Stars-$2.50
Brass Burners -$2.50

Burner Assortment (3) - $5.00

Abalone Shells
Abalone shells are increasingly going up in price, probably due to the fact that China is buying all they can get.
These particular shells are from Mexico and are quite beautiful.
Useful for smudging, burning resins and charcoals. for incense.
Please make sure you have a very deep bed of sand in the shell before burning any material.

Abalone Shells-Each -$13.25