Hippie Goddess Gallery I

With Quotes from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


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The Law Says to Tell You This Site Is For 18 Years And Older -So There You Have It. Peace and Welcome.


Shakti-and Goddess Worship

In Tantra one worship Shakti (Power), that is,
God in Mother-form as the Supreme Power,
which creates, sustains and withdraws the Universe.
God is Mother to the Tantrika who worships Her Lotus Feet. 

Worshiping her feet and the Mother of the home will produce better result,
thus one has to learn to worship the Feet of the Divine Mother within the home (one’s partner).
In Tantra women are known as Mother Lakshmi of the householder.
She is the light of the home.  She is the supreme authority of the home. 

There is no Shakti without Shiva and no Shiva without Shakti.
They are inseparable like the moon and moonlight.
Siva and Sakthi are inseparable, so to should men and women, be inseparable.
It is through this unity can there be harmony on Earth.
Let us together build this world to be a beautiful place to live in through Shakti awareness.

When we speak of Goddess worship,Mother Maha Tripurasundari
is the Goddess to be worshiped as the Mother residing in our Crown Chakra.

Mother Maha Tripurasundari, the absolute, the all pervading,
beyond speech and mind and even beyond time and space. 

True Tantrik is the worship in and by the mind through the use of Yantra, Mantra and forms.
Form is born of the Yantra, and the form is awakened by Mantra-Shakti.
Each mantra is the embodiment of a particular form of Consciousness or Shakti.
It is the eternal Shakti who is the life of mantra.

Om Aim Klim Sauh.

Welcome to the
Hippie Goddess Gallery 1

I found the 'Hippie Goddess Website' through our friend Thomas at GoddessHeart Gallery
and have decided to include them on our site for you to enjoy.

I am also going to be interspersing thoughts and ideas about the 60s Sexual Revolution,
quotes from Chogyam Trungpa and other authors to clarify the energies surrounding Sex.

Ale & Emma's photography captures much of the essence
of what we are trying to express here at 60s & Further!

These hippie goddesses aren't from the 60s but NOW, they might as well have been.
These goddesses emanate a naturalness, an innocense, and a beauty of the female form in Nature,
they remind me of the freedom and expression we so enjoyed in the 60s and 70s and still do....
at hotsprings, in the mountains , by the ocean or at home.

So Please Enjoy.

June 2008

A Hippie Goddess Membership
Over 50,000 original, exclusive, photographs of natural, hippie, girls.
Appx. 80 Goddesses with an average of 500 images each while some have up to 1000 or more.
We are constantly growing.
Hippie Goddess features a vibrant, living, evolving, alternative community.
It is not a recreation of the 60's.
You wont see girls dressed up in props from 40 years ago.
What you will see is natural, alternative lifestyle earthmamas
expressing spirituality, sensuality, sexuality and individuality through nude imagery.
Unlike many natural beauty sites, you may find some tatoos, piercings, and even a few tribal cuttings.
You will also find many Hippie Goddesses with little or none of these things.
This is beacuse we are photographing real people in the alternative community.
We are not hiding or minimizing who they are, instead we are reveling in it.

(Please click on any 'Hippie Goddess' banner to view their samples)

Hippie Goddesses
With Quotes from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

"Sex is Full of Lies"

The body tries to tell the truth, but it's usually too battered with rules to be heard.
We cripple ourselves with lies.
Most people have no idea of what they're missing,
our society places a supreme value on control, on hiding what you feel.
It mocks primitive culture and prides itself on the suppression of natural instincts and impulses.

-Jim Morrison-

"When you express gentleness and precision in your environment,

then real brillance and power can descend onto that situation.

If you try to manufacture that presense out of your own ego, it will never happen.

You cannot own the power and the magic of this world.

It is always available, but it does not belong to anyone."

-Chogyam Trungpa-

"That mind of fearlessness

Should be put in the cradle of loving-kindness

And suckled with the profound and brilliant milk of eternal doubtlessness.

In the cool shade o f fearlessness,

Fan it with the fan of joy and happiness....."

-Chogyam Trunpa-

"When you live your life in accordance with basic goodness, then you develop natural elegance.

Your life can be spacious and relaxed, without having to be scattered.

You can actually let go of your depression and embarassment about being a human being, and you can cheer up."

-Chogyam Trungpa-

'All nature's creatures join to express nature's purpose. 
Somewhere in their mounting and mating, rutting and butting 
is the very secret of nature itself.'

-Graham Swift-

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