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60s & Further Guest Artist
Coloring Book for Flower Children
By Tracy Dove Coppen

Coloring Book-$12.00

I was SO excited when our dear friend Tracy told me
she was in the process of creating a coloring book for "Flower Children"!
They are absolutely the best hippie coloring books I have ever seen!

(actually, they're the ONLY ones we've ever seen, and it's about time!)

Some of the wonderful themes from a few sample pages include
"Meditate for Deep Inner Peace",
"Let Your Mind Go Be Beautiful"
"Inner Peace, Focus on Your Breath"

all done in simple line drawings with lots of little places for creating
a playful and very whimsical ,colorful work of art. (see samples below) .

All in All -23 Images for your 'Coloring Head'--a Great Bargain-huh?

We cannot recommend these highly enough..they are so unique, and truly a gift from the warm hippie heart of Tracy.
We suggest these for nursery and preschools, elementary schools, and old hippies in reminiscent mode
along with new generation hippies that want really groovy decorations for their spaces.
And what about those wonderful vacations and holidays with relatives
and those beautiful hours driving in the family automobile

-this Coloring Book may just be the key to your sanity and enjoyment--

especially those of you that have to endure Toll Booth/Traffic and the incessant "Are we there yet?"!!.

Seriously, these make beautiful gifts for All Ages!.

I find them most therapeutic and calming!

Summer Solstice 2005

March 2007

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Laughing Coyote Hermitage

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