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60s & Further

Hippie Goddess Clothing Review 1

60s & Further
Hippie Goddess Clothes Store!

I have added a new Amazon store full of products you may like and enjoy.
I must say though, Amazon is pretty lame as far as clothing for our tribe.
The sarongs are priced ridiculously low-in comparison to other sites on the internet.
So until I am able to bring in my own designs,
please do visit my alternate clothes store and just
see what's happening!!

Ponchos, ruanas, scarfs, and shawls
Flannel pajamas, sheepskin slippers, leg warmers and leotards
Lingerie, panties (tie dye), thongs and sexy hippie goddess and goth styles.

Click the 'free spirit' below to visit!

Also I have devoted a whole page to
And how to tie them in different very cool ways!

Also check out my
LionHeart's Lover's Market
Music, Classical, New Age, Soul
Dvd's, Books, Massage Oils and Soaps
Lingerie for men and women, and gourmet food products.

For the Lover's in us all

Please Click Fritz and his Girlfriend Below!

Hippie Clothes Designers!
Would like to display your banner here?
Do you create unique and beautiful clothing for chicks and dudes?
Wearable Art!

Not' just' patch-work clothing.
Sorry, we have that covered!
Please let me know

OM, Shanthi, Shakti, OM

Click me gently for details.
November 2006

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To browse visit Here.

In my store you'll find my
handmade hippie patchwork clothing & hemp jewelry.
All items are unique and One Of A Kynd.
I occasionally offer vintage items as well.

My clothes are made with lots of care and love.
Peace & Love

" If you can't be naked wear our clothes!"
by the flutterby butterflies

Click each Tribe below to visit.
Enchanted Tree
Moontime Mtn.
FullMoon Family
Flutterby Butterfly
Gathered Roots

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